About us

DLM's focus on frontier markets

DLM provides systems and back/mid office services, such as valuation, risk management and social impact reporting, to fund managers and other parties that are active in emerging and frontier markets. DLM provides most of these services using the Trade Manager, which is a system specifically built for fund managers in these markets.

We believe that clients can benefit from our platform and our knowledge and expertise. We enable clients to enhance their processes to come in line with best market practices in a swift and professional fashion. Another key aspect of DLM finance is our access to market data in emerging markets, valuation techniques to value emerging market portfolios and specific administrational features. Thanks to our detailed knowledge and experience in these areas DLM finance is the partner to enable the growth of your business.

Active in frontier markets since 2007

DLM was founded in 2012 in the Netherlands by Diederik de Leur and Leon Meppelink. Both have been active in frontier markets for a decade, amongst other by setting up and managing systems and the back/mid office processes for the currency hedging vehicle The Currency Exchange Fund N.V. (TCX) from 2007 onwards. DLM was set-up as a company to be able to offer systems and services to more funds involved in emerging and frontier markets and thus help to professionalise this market. Currently DLM has approximately 12 employees and approximately 40 clients, representing respected financial institutions within the development finance industry.

Corporate Governance

DLM's management is supervised by an independent Supervisory Board consisting of two members. The Supervisory Board is responsible for the oversight and governance of the company. The Supervisory Board also provides guidance on all material issues regarding the strategy of DLM Finance.