The goal of DLM Finance is to add value to your business by integrating your operations into the specialized platforms of DLM, most notably the Trade Manager. Our core competences are treasury operations, systems, risk management, valuations, impact reporting, EMIR compliance and treasury accounting. 

Our business model is based on creating long term partnerships with clients, and we are highly operationally engaged in your success. The services of DLM are discussed in more detail below. What can our services mean for your business? Have a look at our clients section to see how DLM is adding value to its clients. 

DLM Trade Manager

DLM developed and continues to develop the Trade Manager, which is a system specifically built for fund managers in emerging and frontier markets. The system is web-based and offers functionality in the areas of:

  • Deal management
  • Portfolio management
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Covenant monitoring
  • Collateral management
  • Environmental & Social performance monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Accounting, including hedge accounting
  • Valuation
  • Risk management

For clients that have derivatives in their books services include:

  • Timely confirmation of non-standard products in frontier markets
  • Daily valuation of liquid and illiquid OTC derivatives
  • Trade reporting to an ESMA designated trade repository
  • Margin management for non-clearable OTC products
  • An auditable database containing a complete deal history, including daily valuations

DLM has an active role to ensure effective use of its IT-systems (Hosting, Application Management, Functional Support, System Development/Enhancements, User Set-up and Training).

Process handling

DLM manages business processes for its clients such as:

  • Back office processes
  • Mid office processes
  • Risk management processes
  • Valuation of financial instruments

The DLM team has extensive experience with operating in emerging and frontier markets. Your operation can be made more robust by benefiting from the DLM system platform and a reduction of key man risk towards your specific challenges. Because our specialized knowledge is shared with our client group, resources will be more efficiently used allowing also for economic benefits.

Another main reason to partner with us is that you will be working with a best-in-class system with a proven track record, and a fully traceable audit trail that is compliant with the latest regulatory demands. Treasury organizations need to maintain the highest level of control on their processes as treasury is in general considered as a high risk process and in many cases regulated and under review of many internal and external auditors. Outsourcing and integrating the processes to external parties increases the possibilities for enhancing the segregation of duties, or to add an additional control step in your primary processes.

Our aim is to assume responsibility of the system you will be working with. This role of functional application manager is one that often requires specific knowledge in any organization. By partnering with DLM there is no risk of this specific knowledge not being embedded into your company.

Implementation projects

As a trusted implementation partner DLM can assist you by bringing specific treasury knowledge to your implementation team. We have developed an effective implementation methodology, using PRINCE2 as the basis for project management and monitoring, combined with an Agile SCRUM realisation method. We have the project management capabilities and the technical skills for a succesful implementation of your system and processes.

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